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Senior AIX Specialist

Coordinate planning and implementation efforts with clients Capacity Services PMO.

Review requirements from the end-users

Develop system design plans based on end-user requirements, virtualization of AIX aspects of server/storage/network, and PowerHA

Coordinate hardware installations with IBM CEs working towards code 20 (Completion of hardware installation)

Install and configure VIO server/servers on full range of Power Servers (Single or Dual VIO server per physical server depending on end-user needs)

Configuring system pools and advanced networking VIOS.

Install and Configure PowerHA, and PowerHA SystemMirror

Install and configure PowerSC and TCB

Install and configure System Director

Create LPARs according to the requirements including processor, memory, disk, and network

Install AIX on LPARs

Virtualize physical SAN LUN(s) and physical Ethernet Adaptor(s) on VIOS for the AIX LPAR(s).

Configure remote replication infrastructure between primary and DR sites using Brocade FCIP tunnel and LSAN zones

Configure Hitachi Universal Replicator consistent journal group and pairs using Command Control Interface (CCI) to replicate data volumes for PowerHA Enterprise between primary and DR sites.

Configure Systems (Hardware and Software)

Design and implementation and configuration of COOP/DR site

Provide technical support on application installation and configuration

Design and Conduct PowerHA failover test with live applications

Prepare Documentation on As-needed basis

Knowledge/skill transfer to customer technical representatives

Minimum Requirements:

  • Enterprise level AIX
  • AIX PowerVM
  • AIX PowerHA Enterprise
  • AIX Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Design
  • AIX VIOS Implementation
  • Virtualization System Design and Asset allocation
  • Hitachi Universal Replicator and Brocade FC Switches
  • At least 4 years of experience complimentary to the task listed above.


If you are interested in sending in your resume and qualifications, please forward your resume and cover letter to efulton@fulton-tech.com

We will post other jobs as they become available.

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