Fulton Technologies, Inc. - IBM Power Systems and AIX Specialists including Storage.

Fulton Technologies, Inc. - IBM AIX Consultants Seattle, WA



"...After evaluating numerous computer systems on the market we selected Fulton Technologies as result of their technical expertise, common sense approach to our problems, and the personal service we believed we could obtain from a locally owned company..."

"...We have found Eric and his staff to be extremely competent, customer oriented, and most importantly to us, to be personally available whenever needed or when a problem should arise which has been minimal."

"Directly stated, Fulton Technologies has taken care of our projects in a turn-key fashion from concept design, installation, and service. Most assuredly they stand behind their product and their work."

"We have been highly pleased with the enthusiastic personal attention provided by Eric, his staff and his Company and we are looking forward to continuing this business relationship in our future hardware systems projects."

"Based on our favorable experience, I would recommend their services to anyone requiring computer work."

Gary Wick - President, Credit Financial Centers of America


"I wanted to jot you a note and express my personal appreciation for your outstanding professionalism. You have lived up to your company's reputation. I have particularly admired your product knowledge and have valued your proven commitment to provide counsel as to what equipment would be most appropriate for us."

"You have been very diligent in following through with whatever you have said. It is unusual to find someone who does exactly what he says he will do. Although we are indeed pleased with our equipment, I primarily wanted to express my appreciation for your personal integrity. Your positive, optimistic attitude is noteworthy."

"Thank you for your patience in training us; we are looking forward to continued business with your company."

Theresa Sullivan - Manager, Orion Escrow


"...I am writing because I am highly pleased with the immediate and professional results from your company. The problems were diagnosed correctly and promptly repaired for a fair price. I would recommend the services of your company without any reservation and I thank you for your excellent service."

S. Edward Wicker - Attorney at Law


"...The more contact I had with Eric the more I became impressed with his overall knowledge of computer systems, software programs and the numerous ways computers can support business operations."

"He has always been very courteous and punctual and I will certainly continue to use his services whenever I have a problem or question requiring assistance."

Gary D Liming - President, Drug Prevention Specialists, Inc.


"...Mr. Fulton was asked to evaluate our business equipment, telemarketing software, and get pricing on all recommended upgrades. I was surprised and extremely pleased to be told that the job could be done with the tools on hand. Mr. Fulton reconfigured our telemarketing order entry software to send the purchase information to our accounting and shipping departments. The reports that we had been creating on spreadsheet now are generated from our accounting system."

"Mr. Fulton impressed me by being fair, honest, attentive, and dependable in his work. The level of professionalism he displayed was the same whether cleaning equipment, creating documentation, or installing a network. He listened to my staff, and offered straight forward, complete answers to technical questions in plain English. While troubleshooting, problems were competently diagnosed, then fixed in a reasonable amount of time. Mr. Fulton's technical services are recommended to anyone in need."

JT Jackson - Assistant Publisher, Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.


"...Mr. Fulton acted for CompuCare as a groundbreaker, a leader when we opened our Wenatchee store. He took charge of Corporate Sales and Services and built a foundation for our business to grow from." "...he built a client base in such a way that we were able to keep over ninety percent of his customers after he returned to Seattle."

"Mr. Fulton is the most impressive when he is generating reports to clients in understandable terms. He has a way of writing technical explanations in plain English so that the clients understand and at the same time do not feel that they are being talked down to..."

Randy Jay Landon - General Manager, CompuCare


"...Working with Eric was a pleasure. He has the ability and skills to work well within a team environment as well as being self driven to find solutions to problems when many others will give up."

Jeff Dunn - Senior Systems Engineer, Nash Finch Company


"Eric has shown the kind of initiative and professionalism that is necessary for continued success in the information technologies field. He has excellent forensic skills, yet remains focused on the overall needs of the client. I believe he is an expert in his field, and has an excellent future. He is a conscientious worker and has an excellent work ethic..."

Serguei Mysko - Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Pacific Capital Bancorp

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