Fulton Technologies, Inc. - IBM Power Systems and AIX Specialists including Storage.

Fulton Technologies, Inc. - IBM AIX Consultants Seattle, WA

Remote Support


We can offer you our unparalleled professional services to support your IBM Power Systems or IBM Storage Infrastructure in your AIX environment as a remote service. We can arrange for one off pieces of work, or manage a full environment remotely. We can support you wherever and whenever.

Do you need an expert on hand but don’t want to have to pay the price for a full time Systems Administrator?

Why not call us to assist only when required, we offer very flexible ‘pay as you go contracts’ that would be perfect for this use.

We can monitor your IBM Power Systems or IBM Storage Infrastructure for you and ensure that everything is running as it should.

We can configure, monitor, change, tune your AIX or IBM Power Systems infrastructure for you whenever.

We are completely USA based and would love to speak to you about this service – Call us or send E-Mail to sales@fulton-tech.com to discuss further.

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